Site Acquisition

World Wide Wireless is actively involved in site acquisition and permitting. We have a track record of success in many project areas, including:

  • Identifying optimal site locations (candidates)
  • Site acquisition budget planning
  • Negotiating lease terms that are most favorable to our clients
  • Site acquisition for: chimneys, guyed towers, lattice towers, water towers, monopoles, rooftops, collocation.
  • Systematic zoning support & management
  • Lease negotiation & execution
  • Building permits
  • Site Acquisition Report for each candidate which contains local zoning, maps photos, narrative explanations of acquisition terms and site findings, preliminary latitude, longitude and ground elevation of the site, locations of power, telco and access and a field sketch of the proposed site arrangement.

In Site Acquisition we focus on:

  • Meeting client's assignment criteria
  • Providing ease of construction
  • Construction cost
  • Providing convenient access and utility service
  • Efficient and Systematic approach
  • Imposing the least amount of liability to our clients
  • Considering any environmental concerns
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