Equipment testing

Testing services are geared to GSM filed activities, and include the following:

  • VSWR sweeps of feeder cables to industry standards at both 1800MHz and 900MHz. Results can be supplied in electronic or hard copies. We will send our customer the files by e-mail immediately after testing is complete.
  • Bit Error rate testing of installed 2Mb lines to the G821 standard.
  • BTS commissioning. As there is no industry standard for BTS commissioning we work to the standards set by equipment vendors. Typical commissioning procedure includes loading a hardware database calibrating the base station clock, RF power tests, timeslot testing and internal and external alarm checks.
  • BTS integration. Also to vendor defined standards, this normally entails completing the 2Mb path to the BSC, checking the hardware database, unlocking the BTS at the BSC, and completing test calls.

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