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2021-04-28, Experienced Riggers and Installers

Image37 Looking for experience telecom riggers and installation technicians. Location Germany English and/or German speaking Please send your CV and details to

2021-04-28, TKS cooperation with World Wide Wireless

Image38 We are excited for our cooperation with TKS in Deutschland for Tower Erection, Civil Works installation, Site upgrade and Installation.

2014-11-20, Weiss and Appetito - Deutschland - NSN installation

Image36 Awarded work for NSN installation for Weiss and Appetito in Deutschland.

2014-08-25, Weiss and Appetito - Deutschland

Image35 Awarded work for Weiss and Appetito for Huawei Telefonica sites. Installation, rigging.

2014-07-21, Weiss and Appetito - Deutschland

Image34 Work awarded from Weiss and Appetito Deutschland. Installation, rigging, freeclimbing. LTE Huawei.

2013-10-31, JOST Dresden, Germany - awarded work in Switzerland

Image33 Working in Switzerland to Weiss + Appetito. Installation, rigging, swapping.

2013-07-01, JOST Dresden, Germany - awarded work in Deutschland

Image32 Working for JOST Dresden, Germany doing rigging/installation on Ericsson sites. Our specialists with freeclimbing experience and certificated on large and difficult sites.

2012-11-05, SWAP - MW - BTS

Image31 Awarded Swap of MW and BTS sites for Alpine Energie Schweiz AG on the Swiss Sunrise network.

2012-01-25, Jobs update

Image1 New Jobs available. Looking for: -Microwave Technicians -Solar PVPP designers and technicians -3G and 4G network installers and technicians -Tower and Civil construction Please send your CV to

2012-01-25, 2G Technology Swap Project in Germany

Image13 World Wide Wireless is involved on a 2G Swap of Alcatel/Lucent and Huawei technology on the T-Mobile network in Germany.

2011-09-05, Alpine - Energie

Image10 World Wide Wireless start a cooperation on fix network in Switzerland with Alpine-Energie

2011-06-01, World Wide Wireless domain and email update

Image9 Hi Everyone, please note that World Wide Wireless is migrating to our other domain: All emails will also be changed to this domain as well. For example: will change to

2011-04-11, Tower Erection World Wide Wireless

Image8 World Wide Wireless work any time in the year with crane and helicopter

2011-04-11, Tower Erection World Wide Wireless

Image7 World Wide Wireless is Erecting tower by helicopter

2011-03-25, Photovoltaic Power Plant

Image4 World Wide Wireless just finished Photovoltaic Power Station in Czech Republic. We are now approaching Bulgarian market




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